Friday, 30 June 2017

Why Women Nag

Men keep wondering, why do women nag??? 
Why won't my lady just stop complaining about something I did wrong. 
Isn't she supposed to know I am not perfect.. but why don't I just pick on everything she does wrong and nag on and on the same way she does about me. I mean wouldn't life be so much easier this way?? And so says every man I have met on earth.
There is only but one reason actually....

What Has High School Got To Do With Love

Hi diary, I would be giving an update today on my love life at high school. High school was another amazing place to be for me. What I mean by this is that high school was the place I met "old soldier" the only guy that made me slap him and yes I literally cried all through my Junior Secondary School. But why did I cry?

The Place of Chemistry and Compatibility

am just going to take a break on my past...let's do something different.
Chemistry or compatibility ? Which really matters most in any relationship?

My Kindergarten Love Experience

Hi diary, My last post was on my love escapade at the age of 6 (Six).

But what really happened after that remains a mystery....something I can't really comprehend right now...I mean how much can I remember from that stone age period of my life. At 6 years  of age I was probably in primary 2 or so.


Who would have though a 6 years old would know the definition of love...well call it attraction or fantasy....I am not even sure I knew what any of those words meant like seriously at that age...

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