Monday, 4 September 2017

If You Knew All You Know About Yourself Would You Marry You??

So really...if you sincerely knew all you know about yourself, would you marry you (your exact replica)??

Well, This was the question that was thrown to everyone at the tea table yesterday morning. And guess's forming the basis for our discussion this week. 

Sincerely,  I have pondered on it over and over again without having gotten the answer to it myself because it got me

Well...I think the answer can't be gotten in few seconds. This is not something you are to answer in a rush. So please Think deeply. 

Would you marry you if you knew you the way you knew you (I mean your very exact replica)? Have you ever really sat and thought about what you are asking someone else to do?

  • Character wise
    Are you someone who is short of patience?

    How quick to anger are you?

    How caring/ considerate are you as a person ?

    How Temperamental can you sometimes be?

    What of your secret sins?

    If  you had a choice, would you agree to be with you ??

    Have you ever thought about what you are asking someone else to step in and do??
    • Personality and habit wise
    How does your breath smell in the morning?
 Can you even bear the very smell of your own breath? 

How about your shoes and toe smell after you walk for a while and after your day at work? 

How about the smell of your socks....would you want to sleep with that smell if you had a choice?

Do you bath once in three days?  

Do you eat way way beyond normal, snore really hard and fart really

What of your drinking and smoking pattern?

Can you even bare enjoying your own company or does being in your own company suck out life out of you?

Do you secretly hate yourself and want someone to live with

  • Do you hate your fat face, bow legs, color of your skin etc.... 

    So why should you want someone to live with it and love it?

    These examples above sincerely are serious issues...I know it sounds really funny and more like a joke. But then you would be shocked at how very little things like this turn out to be the biggest problems in relationships and homes.

    Indeed Solomon was right....through wisdom a house is built n through understanding it is established. So please Let's strive to know ourselves (self knowledge and understanding) before telling someone else to come bear who we are when we cannot stand bearing our own personalities if we could make that choice.

    So again I ask this funny question again.....I really want to hear back from you in the comment session...."if you knew all you knew about you...would you comfortably marry you (your exact replica)?


  1. Good wuestion to ask yourself. So,ething to really ponder about. All the wuestions in the essay are a good starting point. But dont over analse or criticize yourself, no one is perfect. The wholle idea is self knwledge and awareness to make proper adjustment where necessary.

    1. You are right...I think you picked the key point...self awareness and proper adjustment were neccesary....Thanks Sola

  2. Replies
    1. But why?
      You shouldn't be too hard on yourself

    2. Not harsh but more like Character check

  3. Ofcourse yes, it may sound narcissistic but...
    Considering the conscious self awareness and the readiness to improve pedestal which I place myself on. Marrying my replica will be bliss.

    Funny part is I think it's cause of this thinking pattern that I'm still single....

  4. So would you then wait to get an exact you?
    You may end up waiting for a very very long while or probably for ever.
    I think you should rather just stick with someone you can walk with and someone you can easily enjoy and endure (their weakness)

  5. Yes, I would marry myself. Thankfully, there is nothing I don't like about myself. But you are quite right, I knew a couple that had serious issues in their marriage because the woman doesn't brush her teeth at night

    1. It's amazing how little things result in issues...flexibility is key

  6. I wouldn't marry me if I had the chance. That would be too boring, an exact replica? Nah! There's no fun in that, if it's an exact replica of me, then it would be a one way street not relationship.

    I meet a girl, I like her, I ask her out, "I get to know her",and after you find out a thing or two(some not the whole truth) 😆 about each other, you guys then start the fun part of tryna change yourselves to fit with the other's...

    I feel our individual imperfections is what makes relationships an enjoyment.

    1. You are right emmanuel...Thank you for sharing your point of may however be interesting for some people I guess.
      Did you also say "The part of trying to change yourselves to fit with the other's was fun??" Lol.


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