Friday, 22 September 2017

6 Ways to Keep Your Man Soaring With Love And Admiration

It is part of man's basic need to love and be doubt about that. However, being different, a woman would tend to love her man the way her feminine nature enjoys being loved and that may just not work for him. 

So being a step ahead and loving your man the way his masculine nature yearns for would save you a whole lot of stress, tension and confusion.

So here are 6 basic things that would never fail you in making your hubby feel loved and admired.

  • Respect Him
Men love to be respected...It is part of a man's natural makeup. Some men may even prefer receiving more respect to more love (quite shocking) if they were asked to choose.

When ladies feel unloved, it becomes a usual reaction to act in ways that is disrespectful to her hubby. So it might just help you to know and understand that a man would always need respect based on who he is and not what he does (performance).
So please do make sure that you are always with a man you can respect in the long term.

Another issue of disrespect comes up when a woman feels she is the only one that should be able to tell her man the real truth....and it is only natural for the truth to hurt. The truth hurts me no doubt but I respect hearing it and feel strongly attracted when it's said in the right manner. So ladies, please always keep that bit of saying the truth in the right manner in mind.

  • Physical Intimacy
Men tend to have a higher drive for physical intimacy than women. So it's no doubt that your hubby would be a great fan of good physical intimacy.

Just remember to keep it simple or complicated (depending on what is wanted), fun, exciting and most novel.

  • Be Affectionate
Being affectionate every now and then stirs up series of chemical reaction in a man's brain...Dopamine hormone, serotonin hormone and other love hormones get to start working almost immediately. 

This would enable him get vulnerable enough to let down his guards and ego which is a pathway to accessing a deeper level of emotional intimacy and deeper connection together. Emotional intimacy has been proven to be way more effective in keeping a man in love than mere physical attraction.

  • Make Him Feel Wanted
When a guy feels wanted, it makes him feel good about himself...everyone wants to feel important and needed every now and then. So making your man feel wanted would subconsciously make him appreciate the fact that he plays a significant and very important role in your life that he wouldn't want to trade for anything.  You can consult him when you want to take major decisions, ask for his help every now and then, I mean the list goes on and on.

This should subconsciously propel him to make use of his natural instincts in being your protector. 
So stop being way too independent get a little vulnerable and make your hubby see himself as the provider of your security and part happiness. It should help his ego and self esteem a great deal.

  • Appreciate / Compliment Him
Who doesn't like to be complimented and appreciated? Well I do and I am sure that he also does.
So while ladies get to receive compliments more often than not....most guys remain starved of compliments. 

So instead of focusing on the things he isn't doing right...please try to compliment him real good till you get him blushing on the great job he is doing in other areas...(shift your focus a little bit

  • Quit Nagging
It is true that a woman is always at the receiving end of a man's action or inaction and so it's OK to feel unsatisfied sometimes but then I guess talking over issues as regards nagging over them would go a long way in making him feel happy and in turn also respecting you for your maturity. Trust me men hate you nagging...just the same way most women enjoy and love

But then it's about him in this is about while it may not be easy, it is worth learning or at least I am learning. 

So please guys...what other things makes you feel loved? Help us out. I guess the list is endless, but here are 6 basics. 

Please feel free to leave your comments below.


  1. Being transparent is also important

    1. But are guys really in for the being transparent thing?

  2. Fantastic!! My top three is Respect, Nagging and Intimacy. 🙌🏾
    These tips couldn't have been any bera! Well done!

  3. A beautiful piece as always.
    You and your marriage experience :)

    Communicating to the king in him will go a long way...#MyTake

    1. Please could you give more tips on what you mean by communicating with the king in him?

  4. Fumzy..nice...

  5. Nice write-up. The following three points should be considered too:

    Always stand by your partner in any situation. That's speaks volumes.

    Doing things for your partner to make them feel loved is a vital part of developing intimacy and connection.

    Say ‘thank you’ every time he makes an effort to do something nice for you, or for your future together. Knowing someone is grateful for what you do never gets old and be proud of your partner anywhere you find yourself.

    1. These are extremely thoughtful and nice tips. I am glad we could learn together. Thank you

  6. When I realize she is all mine- faithfulness!

  7. How about making the wife feel good. Nice write up

    1. Check out my next post update to get that juicy detail.

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