About Me

I am Oluwafunmilayo Ojo. I am a first class graduate of Chemical Engineering.
I am a product of a happy home and family life and for that I am eternally grateful.

 My Life's journey however has allowed me come across people who have been scarred and affected by bad relationships, marriages and even those who are products of scared homes on a daily basis (Both Male and Female) and I have oftened wondered why?
These experiences has greatly affected many in various ways and some are even very unconscious of the damage these experiences has created in them as a person.

My blog "Diary of a Lover Girl" is therefore dedicated to sharing my views on love, relationships, marriage and even parenting. It also contains my love stories as they unfold from birth.
Love, relationships and homes were created to be enjoyed and not endured. No one on earth should have to endure the heartache of having a hurtful relationship, bad marriage or coming from a broken home.

In summary, I feel that if people can come and work together from a view point of understanding the other person and also approach things with a mindset to give and not to receive...Our world and homes would be a better place.

So Come, Lets journey together as I share my view points and also seek yours on the above subject matter. Together...We can make our world and our homes a better place.

Name: Oluwafunmilayo Ojo
Email: oluwatomiojo15@gmail.com

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