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7 Amazing Ways to Keep Your Woman Soaring With Love And Admiration. (No. 7 has virtually gone extinct)

What makes a woman feel loved?

The last post on 6 Ways to Keep Your Man Soaring With Love and Admiration sparked a great outcry amongst the female readers of this blog who were so much in a hurry to ask that I also share on what makes a woman feel loved.

I shared the discussion  on Reddit and also received an 80% down-vote by women  as they felt the demands were way too much. I however received a 100% up-vote by
So today's post is going to be on the little things that makes a woman feel loved, be it your fiancée or wife or even mother.

Some men do woefully at making women happy because they feel women are so They will rather go ahead to do "the very big things" to their spouse and still get frustrated when there appear to be no result. It is therefore important for men to understand that it is "little things" that touches a woman's heart and makes her feel loved. Yet those little things seem so hard for men to do and I wonder why.

A woman is created to be a bit more petty and emotional than men. So you shouldn't be surprised when the absence of some little things mean a great deal to a woman. So below are the six (6) little things that make a woman feel loved.

  • Sensitivity

Every woman  wants to be understood. Of-course men and women are different so it may be a little bit difficult for a woman to be understood. But understanding the brain wiring of your spouse would help a man a great deal in making her feel loved.
I would try to get a bit practical here. A spouse that has been working all Saturday to cook, keep the house clean and wash clothes etc. from 8am to 8pm nonstop without getting even a "well-done " from you or even a "what can I do to assist", even if you don't really mean it, may feel really unhappy with your actions and probably put up a little charade by 9pm when you have even forgotten or may not have even realized that you have done something wrong.

Further, a man who doses off always at those "amazing moments" when his spouse is ready to give him both meaningful and meaningless jist is actually being slightly  insensitive to her giving the nature of a woman. Therefore, it is important for a man to be sensitive to his spouse.

  • Affection

A woman is known to be moved by what she hears and would definitely feel starved if she isn't getting fed with it from her special one. Little gestures, words, sentences, text messages, notes, calls (list it all) that makes her know she means so much to you and tells her how much you love her and how much of a blessing she is in your life would make her fulfilled and provide the necessary emotional balance needed for her to feel like the woman she was created to be.

There are great men that do well in providing for the house, meeting the family basic needs (which is very excellent in itself) and feel they are doing great in loving their wives because most men basically know how to profess love via actions. Yet they forget to nurture that integral part in the genetic makeup of their female spouse that can only be fed via affection.

It becomes saddening when you find some spouses of good and faithful men finding emotional satisfaction and fulfillment from other men (it is quite heartbreaking) in their place of work, the gym or somewhere else who tells them the right things they long to hear and make them feel the way the want to feel.

You don't have to commit adultery to cheat please, there is something called emotional adultery which is more risky because your spouse gets to receive EMOTIONAL SATISFACTION from someone other than you without her even probably realizing it is happening. She just would see him as a nice colleague or friend that understands her until it becomes risky or too late.
So please guys, keep it balanced. Love is a language that has to be communicated in WORDS and ACTIONS. 

  • Faith-fullness

This remains a big word for any woman. A woman wants to know that she is the only one in your life in terms of the "relationship" or "marriage". I have never seen any woman who is happy knowing that her spouse is unfaithful to her. It is however sad that some women have come to accept the false saying that "men are just wired to go after more than one woman."

Some women stay in relationships with unfaithful men only because of the material gains. But NO woman is ever happy knowing that she isn't the only person at the center of her husband's heart.
So if you love her, make her happy and keep her solely as your one and only.

  • Relationship or Marriage Security

A woman also needs "relationship security" or "marriage security". No woman is happy to know that she is with a man that usually threatens to leave or actually leaves a relationship or marriage when tough times come. Just like we all crave job security, A woman also craves relationship or marriage security. The fact that you will be always there for her and for "us" and that we can weather the storms together, even if it nearly breaks us, at least, we would give it a big shot in togetherness.

There is this popular story that goes thus - "Last night, I got into a fight with my spouse and told him to take what is his and leave. He picked me up and walked straight out of the door". I think that is really cute and very mature.

  • A hardworking man

A man is created to be a protector and a provider and no man feels like a real man when he isn't capable of fulfilling these basic roles he was created for.
A woman wants to know that her man is not lazy and would do anything legally possible and go the extra mile to put food on the table for the children. I think it's a huge turn on for any woman, and that is something that women have subconsciously taken for granted, when all is going

But then, you  would only know how important your being able to take care of the family makes your woman feel, when something goes wrong and you fail to take responsibility in being a protector and provider.

No doubt a woman wants to contribute  in providing for the family, but no woman will be happy to be the breadwinner except for a period of time when things aren't exactly going well for her man. But she will definitely never desire to be the family's breadwinner forever when her man is not incapacitated.

  • A man who prioritizes the family/ her

A Woman is positively stricken by a man who puts her and the family first in words and actions.
Nothing, nothing I repeat, makes a woman (even if you are already married to her) feel as good as knowing that despite my man's hustle, I matter greatly to him. I seriously don't know what women do with that feeling
  • A praying man

Godly women are supposed to be good prayer warriors by the way or so we have been taught. The woman is to pray for her man continuously and her children and keep the family covered in prayers.
However, the man is actually meant to be the spiritual head of the home even though this seems to be rare these days.

A woman feels loved and is easily wowed when she knows her man would kneel by the bed side and also praying for their home, their kids and for her. Any woman peeping into the room and seeing her man pray for everything that is theirs will feel a surge of joy and even increased love for her man. How many men today speak pray and prophesy into their woman's life as the head of the home? I think that's really rare to find.

Other things that would definitely make a woman feel loved include: good communication (women love to talk), listening ear (The need someone good at listening to all they want to talk about) and honesty (be open and transparent, dont keep things away from her).

So guys, how complicated do you think loving a woman is on a scale of 1 to 10?
And ladies, what more makes you feel loved?


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